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Customized investment solutions for a select group of high net worth individuals

Unbiased and Diversified

Unbiased, diversified strategies investing in low cost asset classes to help Maximize Returns

Easy To Understand

Easy to understand account statements and quarterly reports


Consolidation of brokerage accounts to simplify client's money management

Investment Philosophy

As an independent fee-only advisor, Spivak Asset Management, LLC always puts the interest of the client first. After evaluating each client's investment goals and assessing their risk tolerance, a personalized portfolio is designed. The disciplined wealth management plan allows clients to reach their own specific goals.

The money management model is not based on speculation but on the science of capital markets. The technique is formulated from both academic research and real financial market experience. The analysis results in a diversified portfolio of low cost asset classes that help maximize returns. Asset location optimizes returns in the most tax efficient manner.

The investment approach provides a comfort level so the client can focus on the rest of their life and not worry day to day about their finances. Multiple accounts are consolidated to simplify recordkeeping. Each client receives reports in an easy to understand format. One on one communication maintains a client's complete understanding of their investments while allowing them to enjoy the lifestyles they want.


Jay S. Spivak

University of Pennsylvania

  • Dual Degree Management & Technology Program

The Wharton School

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics

School of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Bachelor of Applied Science

George Weiss Associates

  • Analyst/Trader 1989-1992

Ballentine Capital Management

  • Portfolio Manager 1992-1996

Spivak Asset Management, LLC

  • Owner/Investment Adviser 1996-Present
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